Diary of the dauntless wanderer

keeping the fire stoked and the miles alive

Keluarga Ibrahim

Cerita dari balik Dapur, Koper, dan Mainan Anak


a life enthusiast


An Indonesian travelling family, been to 25+ countries as a family. Author of several travel guide books and travelogue. Write travel articles for media. Strongly support family travelling | travelling with baby/kids. .

Stories of Wanderer

What I saw, What I Heard, What I Felt


Have a dose of what life is really like living here – from Turkish in 1000 easy lessons to learning the secrets to making the perfect kebab! Highs or lows this is our random observations from the melting pot of crazy that is my life in Mersin.


"Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing." - Oscar Wilde

Nyonya Kailola

Its all about Me, My husband and Our girls